Salutare in italiano – How to greet in Italian

In italiano we have two ways of greeting: either in an informale or in a formale way.


When speaking to friends or family members, we use ciao in every situation.


When speaking to elderly people or people you don’t know, we use:

  • Buongiorno during the day (often until 1pm)
  • Buonasera during the afternoon and the evening (from 1pm until 10-11pm)
  • Arrivederci when leaving
  • Salve as a generic greeting

Buonanotte is the only greeting that we can use in both conversations, formale e informale.

Enjoy these songs now! Ascolta queste canzoni:

Luciano Pavarotti – Buongiorno a te
Fred Buscaglione – Buonasera Signorina
Lucio Dalla – Ciao

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